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Really , I am trying to figure out what I may write next and this is what WordPress suggested.

Since after the 3rd post one may need some ideas, I need ideas on a regular basis haha!!!!

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What is the most enjoyable hour of a typical weekday, how about when I am sleeping and really do people who view blogs ,we will call them “blookers “( i so am copyrighting that word). Blog lookers  really care what hour of my life is most enjoyable, a sarcastic person would say after a nice bowel movement but “I prob should delete that ” I wont though ;), I mean do  my followers  all 0 of them really care that I have at least one enjoyable hour in one of my weekedays. I sure hope at the least I have 1 hour out of my weekday life an enjoyable one.

Had to share:)



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