What ever happened to others being loyal to a person?

I mean, I see others are loyal to attention that’s for sure. Loyal to their beliefs. What really happened to being loyal to an individual ? People everyday seem loyal to websites , to articles they read and most of all most people are loyal to their families amd the one’s they love.

Am I missing something, I for one am loyal period to everything I whole heartedly love . Whether it be a great author, a good game and most importantly my bf and my family. I must truly be with my head in the clouds because what I  have dealt with in the last few days is very  unloyal people.

Individuals hiding things, and treating me as though I mean nothing or I am just an acquaintance.

Is it because I dont have a hurtful bone in my body? That I feel guilty when I make a promise that somehow beyond my control didnt come to fruition . Im baffled do I need to treat people like they treat me  ?, Do  I just become a bitch to everyone ? I mean I for one don’t want to become like any of these people.

I don’t think I really need an answer because I  am loyal and loving . I know what I deserve and who deserves to have me in their lives. I can easily say this Royal is Loyal.

I think thats it , I believe I got everything off my chest and I know Im not changing because others do. It will be the unloyal who miss out on being  in my life.

I can smile and say Im proud to be me , proud to be the honest, loyal person I am and I can sleep soundly:)

Sincerely Princess Kritty ” The Loyal Royal”





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