Multi-Talented Princess ….

Well it 8pm and I  am here with my  laptop  open with 8 different window sessions, 6 different conversations with my new twitter twits(a name no insults here) and my new blog inspirations. I  just got done playing STARDOM on my iPhone, which is beyond addicting Imight add. Thanks goodness for the notifies 😉

I also played a bit of Harvest Moon on the Wii ( got a bit of vertigo had to shut it off) and About to start an adventure with SKYLANDERS, A ll while loading a new patch for WOW.So as I  see it I could have had about 2 loads of laundry done on this cold vacation day but I  have kept myself quite busy thus far.So I think with all my quote “paraphernalia” I  am quite entertained haha

Outsiders may just say it was a lazy unproductive day …..

this Princess says ….. A day well used  for royal  entertainment and to think I have 4 more hours till tomorrow ..  🙂

LOVE IT!!!!!!


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