Princess had way too much beauty sleep :) …

Ok I apologize, I was going to  post everyday and I already missed yesterday.

Not the way I wanted  my blog to go. Well tis life. I apparently fell sleep  until  almost the crack of dawn. I was def exhausted .

I didn’t even  watch any tv. Thank goodness for Tivo 😉

I was looking forward to a relaxing night, def didn’t think I was going to relax that much.

What exactly is beauty sleep? If I slept more would I magically become the epitome of pure beauty. come on really lol

Well anyway , hopefully tomorrow I will make my quota on posts. School will be starting soon and I want to make this a habit.

I  like writing here rather than my diary .

Got nothing  to hide so why not  be here . Kill 2 birds with 1 stone .


Hope you all have an awesome day !!! Till Tomorrow ” If the crown fits wear it !! “ 


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