Princess realizes how important all your digits are

Well , it seems I haven’t  posted in a while. the last few weeks  i haven’t done much of anything . With Hurricane issues and then slicing my finger on freezer so i can have stitches for 2 weeks only to find out yesterday I still can’t use my finger until it heals for another week. You don’t realize how much you use your pointer finger to do things. Of course its my dominant hand so typing , holding a mouse and turning a doorknob are quite difficult. I can’t wait until i can actually brush my hair and tie my shoes. PS Velcro shoes should be an everyday staple. Life would so much easier.

Don’t worry don’t need a pity party just am far behind on  term papers ,exams , and if it weren’t for Christopher Latham Sholes the inventor of the keyboard i probably wouldn’t even be on here.

Ironically my “blogging class” has motivated me a bit.  Again it has only taken me 2 hours to type this but hey Im challenged lately.

till the weekend and always remember ” if the crown fits, wear it” oh and never take anything for granted….. 🙂


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