The Self Titled Princess

Well hmm about me, you ready?  I could go on for hours haha.

I am pretty much the epitome of the stereotype “BLONDE”

Though  on a good day I could prove you wrong with my photographic memory 😉 and my 4.0 grade point average(but who is bragging)

Basically I’m a dreamer, I believe in fate,destiny , four- leaf clovers , love and ghosts.

I’m pretty much an  open book you can tell when I’m upset but that doesn’t last very long but you can tell.

I am 38 years old and I believe in fairy tales and polka dot ponies.  The littlest things get me excited

Basically I’m here to share my insight and questions. Believe me I don’t have the answers but I’m willing to ask for them and or find them .

Im quirky me , black and white with a little pink 🙂

Also im not one of those people who spell check or care if I use a word wrong , one I may like how it sounds and two maybe i need to know how I’m so messing it up.

Either way I’m me The Self titled Princess

I’ll add more about me once I become at ease ….In one of her many crowns


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