Princess realizes how important all your digits are

Well , it seems I haven’t  posted in a while. the last few weeks  i haven’t done much of anything . With Hurricane issues and then slicing my finger on freezer so i can have stitches for 2 weeks only to find out yesterday I still can’t use my finger until it heals for another week. You don’t realize how much you use your pointer finger to do things. Of course its my dominant hand so typing , holding a mouse and turning a doorknob are quite difficult. I can’t wait until i can actually brush my hair and tie my shoes. PS Velcro shoes should be an everyday staple. Life would so much easier.

Don’t worry don’t need a pity party just am far behind on  term papers ,exams , and if it weren’t for Christopher Latham Sholes the inventor of the keyboard i probably wouldn’t even be on here.

Ironically my “blogging class” has motivated me a bit.  Again it has only taken me 2 hours to type this but hey Im challenged lately.

till the weekend and always remember ” if the crown fits, wear it” oh and never take anything for granted….. 🙂


Princess Writer’s Block is that even possible?

Haha Wow, I may have even had yet another blonde moment and sent titled post with  no scripture 🙂

I never cease to amaze myself and others I am for certain.

So it has been a while and I did promise to write everyday but I put way to many chickens in my basket,


Duh eggs in my basket.

HEHE ok you get the idea right?

I have never been so stressed in my life.

I normally have little temper tantrums for a sec and then move on lately not possible.

I know its my fault  but I thought since I worked and went to school last semester I could do it again .


Well I guess its great I have high expectations for myself but man when I let myself down I think it hurts more 😦

Believe me  I’m not giving up but I am giving in. I will allow myself a little more downtime. Then those I love wont have to hear me whine or me treat them  poorly. I’m surprised they  even take it.

Maybe it’s because I myself put up with a lot.

BACK to my post,

Apparently I have to write 800 word essay on poetry for my LitII class.

I am learning and loving this class but after reading mormon history for  my other class I have actually lost my mojo. No offense to Mormons but man how many sects are there?

Ok off topic again my bad WRITERS BLOCK ughhhh .( how my brain looks right now )

You would think with  the brain I have and all the talking I do this would be a piece of cake. 

Yeah Right!!! “SIGHS”

HELP ….. SOS …..So much for WOW time or catching up on my comics ( wait aren’t those downtime activities?  haha)

Ok well doesn’t look good that I have no trouble writing here , I best get my arse in gear 😉

Till Next time , ” IF  The Crown Fits ,Wear It!!!!”



Vow of Royalty Post for 365 days, Day 2 too many Somber blogs …….

Day 2, of 2012:

So I vowed to  post everyday this year so far so good 😉

While  doing my post last night it was recommended to me that I  find or pursue more followers.

Well one I wanted this blog to be of anonymity but having second thoughts.

As I write I realize I’m not  hiding behind a persona it really is me.

So starting tomorrow it will be more about me or at least the about to section will be haha.

So as I read the suggestions on how to produce a blog that many readers would enjoy it said to  add applications , which I did. It also said to do random searches and read  as many blogs as possible.

I tried this I used keywords like : Quotes, Princess, Relationships , Travel…. you name I searched . I  used at least 25 different  key words and lets say half of them were the most Somber sad blogs i have ever read. Most of the people wrote about how miserable they were, how they were treated so poorly in life, how they want to travel but they have no money or their significant other doesn’t want to.they have no job an d life sucks. Yes Life Sucks most of time but enough……

REALLY PEOPLE,  ” Put your big girl/boy panties/pants on ” and the BF would repeat me saying ” SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP”

It actually made me quite mad. Stop with the sadness. We all have days of sadness or too much thinking or pity me days. but really.

I am a firm believer that you create your own happiness, so your love doesn’t want to travel , GO BY YOURSELF, So you are being treated poorly , LEAVE THAT PERSON, Or tell them you want to be treated better ,  You can like and do the things you want to and still be in a happy relationship. Ugh I mean differences is what makes relationships work, Who wants to be exactly alike how boring, Oh and the sad Princess, Go  to  Barnes and Noble get a magazine, there are plenty of men there and its a public place if you hate searching the internet, To be honest  go enjoy life and the things you want cause when you least expect it your happiness will thrive and you will find that someone who loves your smile.

In hindsight after my search for followers let them find me, I’m done reading  the somber thoughts of today, I’m going to blog to my followers in hopes I  get more of a Princess Posse if not   their loss right.

In closing there should be only 1 day a month for pity me , all others should be making the most of it, even if it is the smallest thing like writing a blog.

Always  Smiling and Till tomorrow ” If the Crown fits wear it !!!!!”


2012 – To be our year ……

Ok So its 2012 and I have this over abundance of happiness. I just feel that this is  going to be an awesome year.

Optimism at its best that’s for sure, but I  have this gut feeling.

When a woman, let alone self titled princess has a gut feeling you go with it.

Plain & Simple.

So here it is : They say (whomever they are ) that everything will come to you ten fold and if you  firmly believe in great awesome things it/they will happen.

So if it’s The Secrets rules or if it’s a gut felling I’m still going for 2012 is our year.

Meaning of course I am sharing this idea with my Prince 😉 Whether he likes it or not haha.

I’m going for that positive electron idea and no it isn’t static cling 🙂

I think its great to feel that the sooner or later ideas of  life aren’t going to arrive later but sooner.

I for one like the feeling that this year will be memorable and awesome and what better I have someone whom I love to share it all with.

He always states when I’m sad that all we need is each other and of course Codi the smartest dog ever and he is TOTALLY RIGHT.

Why not dream big, why not  believe that all the heartaches and life’s tribulations will come to an awesome fruition in 2012, why not be the dreamer and think that all your love ,hard work and endurance will pay off ……..

I was on an internet page and they shared this quote :

~Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right~

How true is that 🙂 So I hope that 2012 is our year and your year and May you have each day the chance to get it right 🙂

May this New Year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality !!!!!

                        ” Till’ tomorrow, If the crown fits wear it

Multi-Talented Princess ….

Well it 8pm and I  am here with my  laptop  open with 8 different window sessions, 6 different conversations with my new twitter twits(a name no insults here) and my new blog inspirations. I  just got done playing STARDOM on my iPhone, which is beyond addicting Imight add. Thanks goodness for the notifies 😉

I also played a bit of Harvest Moon on the Wii ( got a bit of vertigo had to shut it off) and About to start an adventure with SKYLANDERS, A ll while loading a new patch for WOW.So as I  see it I could have had about 2 loads of laundry done on this cold vacation day but I  have kept myself quite busy thus far.So I think with all my quote “paraphernalia” I  am quite entertained haha

Outsiders may just say it was a lazy unproductive day …..

this Princess says ….. A day well used  for royal  entertainment and to think I have 4 more hours till tomorrow ..  🙂

LOVE IT!!!!!!

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