Princess Writer’s Block is that even possible?

Haha Wow, I may have even had yet another blonde moment and sent titled post with  no scripture 🙂

I never cease to amaze myself and others I am for certain.

So it has been a while and I did promise to write everyday but I put way to many chickens in my basket,


Duh eggs in my basket.

HEHE ok you get the idea right?

I have never been so stressed in my life.

I normally have little temper tantrums for a sec and then move on lately not possible.

I know its my fault  but I thought since I worked and went to school last semester I could do it again .


Well I guess its great I have high expectations for myself but man when I let myself down I think it hurts more 😦

Believe me  I’m not giving up but I am giving in. I will allow myself a little more downtime. Then those I love wont have to hear me whine or me treat them  poorly. I’m surprised they  even take it.

Maybe it’s because I myself put up with a lot.

BACK to my post,

Apparently I have to write 800 word essay on poetry for my LitII class.

I am learning and loving this class but after reading mormon history for  my other class I have actually lost my mojo. No offense to Mormons but man how many sects are there?

Ok off topic again my bad WRITERS BLOCK ughhhh .( how my brain looks right now )

You would think with  the brain I have and all the talking I do this would be a piece of cake. 

Yeah Right!!! “SIGHS”

HELP ….. SOS …..So much for WOW time or catching up on my comics ( wait aren’t those downtime activities?  haha)

Ok well doesn’t look good that I have no trouble writing here , I best get my arse in gear 😉

Till Next time , ” IF  The Crown Fits ,Wear It!!!!”




Multi-Talented Princess ….

Well it 8pm and I  am here with my  laptop  open with 8 different window sessions, 6 different conversations with my new twitter twits(a name no insults here) and my new blog inspirations. I  just got done playing STARDOM on my iPhone, which is beyond addicting Imight add. Thanks goodness for the notifies 😉

I also played a bit of Harvest Moon on the Wii ( got a bit of vertigo had to shut it off) and About to start an adventure with SKYLANDERS, A ll while loading a new patch for WOW.So as I  see it I could have had about 2 loads of laundry done on this cold vacation day but I  have kept myself quite busy thus far.So I think with all my quote “paraphernalia” I  am quite entertained haha

Outsiders may just say it was a lazy unproductive day …..

this Princess says ….. A day well used  for royal  entertainment and to think I have 4 more hours till tomorrow ..  🙂

LOVE IT!!!!!!

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