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Really , I am trying to figure out what I may write next and this is what WordPress suggested.

Since after the 3rd post one may need some ideas, I need ideas on a regular basis haha!!!!

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What is the most enjoyable hour of a typical weekday, how about when I am sleeping and really do people who view blogs ,we will call them “blookers “( i so am copyrighting that word). Blog lookers  really care what hour of my life is most enjoyable, a sarcastic person would say after a nice bowel movement but “I prob should delete that ” I wont though ;), I mean do  my followers  all 0 of them really care that I have at least one enjoyable hour in one of my weekedays. I sure hope at the least I have 1 hour out of my weekday life an enjoyable one.

Had to share:)



Princess or Not to Princess

I had such a great idea for a new post and ” blam” totally forget the great idea. I assure you it was great 🙂

So here is one that I thought was comical.  I give my self the title Princess. Not because i think I am a spoiled brat or I have lived a life of leisure, def far from it . ive learned to appreciate and work for all I have. On that note a light bulb lit up in my head ( Picture Lightbulb above my head ) I thought what truly is the definition of a Princess, My definition is way off to what I found:) I mean  I am prissy like a princess , love to make myself look pretty and such but I also don’t mind fishing and gardening. Who else wipes the dirt off the worms before they put it on the hook ? that’s a Princess in my book 🙂

Anyway went on a tangent see I veer off sometimes lol , Ok so  I type in Princess and what comes up ……

the Urban Dictionary, seems every time I want to look up something it is the first link 72% of the time. Must be a reputable site 😉

The definition it has is : Princess A girl who has been pampered, sheltered and spoiled her whole life to the extent that she has no frigging  idea about the real world.With her hands on her hips, pouting mouth and a big boisterous umph,  whenever she doesn’t get exactly what she wants when she wants it.

Now I want to find that author cause that is hysterical 🙂

Then I come to find out there is a sickness called Princess Syndrome

~A girl that has no idea about the real world,  

~1)People who suffer from the need to be waited on hand and foot.
2)People who want what they want and want it now.

” Any brainwashed man will give her tangible things and emotional sublimity to stop her, and she will only demand more.


Hmm I may have Princess Syndrome  and If I don’t have it I think I want it 🙂 and or some people suffer from Princess Syndrome and

And who wouldn’t want to be waited on  hand and foot.

So I’m thinking  Def “TO PRINCESS” why not?, I seem to have a warped sense of reality LOL

“if  the Crown Fits Wear it ”



People , Places ,Things

So as I sit here on my “so called lunch break” Im contemplating as to what this blog is going to be like. Should it be my daily thoughts or what comic Im going to read next. I for one think my crazy antics daily would be a good read:)

It seems that millions of people are blogging and I have just joined the bandwagon. I cant say Im much of a follower because I always vear off , but really How important is my blog than the others…..

Well maybe it will entice others to admit they are quirky and have many blonde moments , or maybe another comic book reader who only likes clad woman like I do 😉 or those individuals that are just that unique in their own  way.

I for one am unique haha Who bumps in to walls on a regular basis and could find a walnut in a field of crabgrass by tripping right over it & of course spraining her ankle I think that takes alot of skill.

Well hey maybe my view on life is enough , I think so I am my own biggest fan:)

Now to finish my game of chess with my honey before the bossman returns from lunch ..

Till next time or later, “If the Crown fits Wear it” 🙂



Princess’s First Post

Here it is my first post what to write about?

Suggestions ?????????????????

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